Travel within Prague

How to get into the city from the airport:

Click here to see how you can get into the city from the airport.


How to get around the city with public transport:

EAHAD 2019 delegates will receive a transportation voucher together with their congress materials at the Congress Venue. This voucher is valid from 6-8 February 2018.

The transfer tickets are valid in the territory of Prague for the “P”, “0” and “B” zones (covering extensive areas from the city centre to its peripheries, including the Prague Congress Centre area, and all the sights and monuments – please see “Transit Scheme”) on buses, trams, subway trains, ferries and the Petrin hill funicular railway (a popular tourist attraction).

They are not valid on the “PID (or PIT in English)” railway (suburban commuter trains) and the AE – Airport Express bus line. However they are valid on all the other 4 airport bus lines: numbered 100, 119, 191 and 910.

The transportation map can be found here.

Printed versions can also be found in the metro stations and at 9 info centres around the city (two of which are located at the airport – one at each terminal).

You can also use the connection finder.